Terms & Conditions

 NOTE: Out of scope hourly rate is R874 inc VAT which is billed for time used at a minimum of 15 minutes. 

  • Konsortium agrees to carry out the project for the price and on the basis specified in the quote or proposal. 
  • The client agrees to pay Konsortium for the work specified in the quote or proposal. 
  • Unless otherwise specified, the price specified excludes external costs such as hosting, printing or licensing fees. 
  • All costs are estimates only until confirmed in writing and agreed upon by both parties. 
  • Unless otherwise specified, payment is due in two installments. 
  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total price for the project is payable in advance upon agreement of terms. 
  • Final payment of 50% for the project is due before project go live. 
  • Prices quoted only include the work specified in the proposal. 
  • Quote is valid for a maximum of 45 days. 
  • The Client shall provide a single point of contact for the Project, including any support services, from which all feedback and change requests will be taken, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
  • A project will only begin once the upfront invoice has been paid and all necessary content provided. 
  • All content to be provided by client unless otherwise agreed upon. Should any content need to be edited, cropped or resized a fee of R874 inc VAT per hour will be charged.
  • Up to 5 royalty free images included in quote. Should any additional images or footage be required it will be quoted for separately. 
  • Three rounds of change requests are included in the cost for the project for the client to provide feedback. A round consists of substantive change requests on the work – that do not go beyond the original scope of the project – followed by material revision of work. After these three rounds, any additional changes within the original scope will be charged at a daily rate specified in the proposal. 
  • A round of change requests must take place within 48 hours of receipt of the work, unless otherwise agreed in writing. After 48 hours of receipt of the work (or the otherwise agreed length of time), the round of feedback is deemed to be complete and any further change requests made will be part of the following round. 
  • If the client wishes to change the scope of the project after acceptance of this agreement, the client must provide a written change order specifying in reasonable detail the changes required. 
  • Konsortium will respond with a statement of revised terms proposing availability, additional fees, changes to delivery dates and any change required to these terms and conditions. 
  • Konsortium will only be obliged to carry out work beyond the original scope if the client agrees the revised terms in writing. 
  • All changes or additions that fall outside of the project scope are charged at the stipulated hourly rate. 
  • All design changes requested after designs have been approved and signed off will be charged for additionally. 
  • Konsortium reserves the right to extend any deadline by up to two (2) weeks should an unforeseen occasion arise that warrants such an extension or should the feedback required to meet said deadline not be provided within a reasonable amount of time. 
  • The client will use all reasonable efforts to provide necessary information, materials and approvals for the work to progress. Any delay will result in a day-for-day extension to any delivery dates for the work agreed in the proposal. 
  • Any delay beyond the reasonable control of either party including but not limited to natural disasters, acts of government, acts of God, fire, flood and power failures will not be considered a breach and will result in a day-for-day extension of any performance due. 
  • Konsortium will be entitled to place accreditation, as a hyperlink, in the form, size and location incorporated in the work delivered to and seen by the client as part of the project unless otherwise stipulated by client. 
  • Konsortium may publish and display work on the project and the final product on its websites and portfolios, in galleries, design media and pitches for the purposes of recognition of creative excellence, professional advancement or business development. 
  • During the first month following final payment, Konsortium will provide support services at no extra cost, limited to a total amount of 10 hours. Support services means commercially reasonable technical support and assistance to maintain and update the work delivered for the project including correcting errors and deficiencies. Requests for additional support will be billed at a rate of R874 inc VAT per hour. 

First payment constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions related to Konsortium products and services as stipulated here – https://konsortium.bcscc.co.za/legal-information/ 

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