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Herewith everything you will need and some reading work so that you are in the loop and in the know.

Who is Konsortium Solutions

All we can tell you bout us

What we do, how we can help you. Read our story here or download the interactive PDF for a better read.

How Billing Works

Here’s what to expect:

We bill by quote or by the hour, it is up to you.

There are two processes of billing.

  1. The quote:
    1. Once you have selected one of our products and requested a quote
    2. All services and Management fees will be included in your quote
    3. Nothing additional will be billed unless it falls outside of the scope of the initial quote
    4. You pay 50% deposit to show your commitment and get us started
    5. The project will be completed and only on sign off
    6. Will you be asked to proceed with the 50% payment


  1. Management fee
    1. Essentialy Konsortium is your marketing department and we are the solutions that help. From big to small, if you are not sure what to do with a certain file or project and need assistance we will bill you at a rate of R760ex VAT.
    2. If you have minor tasks, these tasks will be added together until an hour is billable or the end of the month has been reached and you will receive an itemized bill and report. Example:
      1. 1:15 min used on:
        1. PDF Changes 2 July 2021 – 30min,
        2. Spelling and grammar for marketing email checked and corrected on 7 July 2021. 5min
        3. Email setup assistance 14 July 2021 – 25 min
        4. Signature implementation. 28 July 2021 – 15min
        5. =1:15 x R760 = R950 due for the month of July.

 It is possible that you can have one quoted invoice and one management fee invoice in one month if we are busy with various projects at once.

You will always be prompted on an estimate time if we suspect the task to take longer than 30min, task smaller than that will be implemented and the time accumulated until we alert you of an hours reach.

You can query any line item on the management fee with us and book a discussion time in the diary, we all make mistakes and in this line of work there are too many variables. Talk to us so we understand.

The projects and how they work.

Here is what to expect as a client

Everyone loves communication and to be informed. Here is how our process goes and where the loop starts and how it end.


  1. This is where we have a meeting to discuss your needs and what you require from us to do, we talk about different stragies and our team will then send you a quote according to this.
  2. Once the quote is accepted, you will be sent an SLA, this will outline the basic conditions of the project and some rules which you can then read through and accept.
  3. 50% deposit is paid

We are complaint and legal

Visit our legal page for any legal information you may require or to view our POPI compliance documents

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